Saturday, August 29, 2009


Good day to everyone! I would like to share the message that we know everyone now would know. ABS-CBN and other organization founded an institution that will make a change in our country like "Ako ang Simula(ABS-CBN)", "Simulan Natin(STI Campuses)", "Ako Mismo(DDB Cares)", and many more.

This message of creating a brighter future for the country is spreading all over the world. Internet, Radio, and Television are some of the bearer of this information to reach every Filipino all over the world. And now, It is known by every individual espicially Filipinos.

Everyone of us would be a part of this association as long as we are willing to give our belief and commitments. It will start by changing our mindset and signing registration forms from different organizations. Ako ang Simula is one of the best you would have to register because it has phone recording feature(Boto Patroler of ABS-CBN TV Patrol) that even a person on a far away place like in Sibuyan would share the opinion they want to share.

Sibuyanon must be a part of this association because Sibuyan needed it, not only Sibuyan but all other district in Romblon. Romblon politicians in every candidacy buy their votes, it is vogue in Sibuyan somewhere in San Fernando where the M/V Princess of the Stars sinked. From SK Kagawad to the highest Local Government Unit buy their votes . Vote buying performed during campaign and day before voting. They are like Auctioneers that bid the voters to vote them.

I and all new registered voters, let's changed the dirty way of putting our leader in our beloved country. Let's start today!